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Rock and Waterscape International

For film crews and off shore dive site development Rock and Waterscape International designs, Rock and Waterscapefabricates and builds any site desired. Imagine complete underwater "Lost Cities" surrounded by wildlife and sharks or specific and unique dive sites fabricated and tailored to your film crews needs.

Creating naturalistic wildlife environments where none previously existed is a major challenge. Their skilled artisans work closely with zoological and site designers using the exact colors, textures and shapes of rock and water features found in the native environment or create completely new environments. These sites can be permanent, or mobile depending on the use and application.

They have pioneered the research and development of simulated rock and water habitats. Maintaining an unrivaled standard of excellence in replicating the natural appearance of any rock surface or ancient civilization found on earth as evidenced by projects ranging from the underwater design of mega resort projects like Atlantis, Bahamas to theme parks, waterparks and zoological sites all over the planet.