Luke Tipple - Offshore Operations

Luke Tipple is a marine biologist, professional diver and production consultant from Luke TippleAdelaide, Australia. As a marine biologist he works with numerous species of sharks from top order predators such as the Great White and Tiger Shark to more gentle species like the filter-feeding Whale Shark. His accomplishments include writing tourism guidelines for Honduras, based on his field research, advanced shark cage design and safely guiding hundreds of clients while diving the infamous Guadalupe Island in Mexico, and Tiger Shark Beach in the Bahamas.

Recently he consulted and conducted film shoots for the French documentary company Ushwaia for Shark Divers and has appeared alongside Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters", Adam Savage and Jamie Hynemann, on their premiere program for Shark Week 2008. In 2009 Luke was again integral to our film operations in the Bahamas, Guadalupe and California.

Shark Shield LogoLuke is also the official Northern Hemisphere representative for Shark Shield Australia. In response to increased demand for Shark Shield technology by film and television companies Luke is available for consultation and approval requests for all commercial interests regarding the use of Shark Shields.