Company Overview: Sharks

Shark Divers brings together a wide selection of diverse and recognized talent within both the shark tourism field and film and television. Our mission is to bring you the tools Great Whiteand talent you need within the desired time frame and budget, giving you tangible results for the underwater shark project you have in mind.

Film and Television

We source dive crews of any size, design and fabricate cage systems, source vessels and develop complete underwater dive sites and new shark sites all tailored to your specific needs and requests. We can also act on a consultation basis providing you with qualified shark experts when you need them for any project.

For your next production, we will be there from planning through to execution. We will help you sketch out the most likely dive sites and story lines and act as your liaison to keep you within your budget and time frame. We have worked with some of the best production companies in the industry over the past five years.

Our job is to make you look good and keep your valuable talent safe.

Resort Developers and Investors

Underwater tourism development featuring safe shark encounters Great Whiteis one of the fastest growing trends in tourism worldwide and is bound only by safety, site design, and integrated conservation management. Shark Divers offers consultancy, development and project management services for high-end resorts operating under the Shark Divers brand. Ideally involved with your project from its inception, the Shark Diver team guides the underwater dive site development with our Project Blue teams assuring that your brand values influence all facets of the project through to delivery of the finished dive site. Shark Divers Project Blue Developments deliver incredible media and attractive financial returns for owners.

Let's talk sharks. Call us today and find out more about implementing a world-class shark encounter program or dive site development into your resort, or next production.