Shark Tourism Consultation: Overview

A dead shark is worth a few dollars to a local economy. A live shark, many thousands of dollars and is a completely renewable resource. In the Maldives, divers spend US$2.3 million a year on shark dives - estimated at 100 times more than the export value of the shark meat. In the Bahamas shark tourism pumps an estimated US$70 million dollars into the local economy.

Shark cage divingShark Divers offers a variety of services in shark management and natural resource consulting, specializing in local shark resource surveys, ecologically safe animal acquisition, and permitting for small to large safe shark tourism projects. Our on-call wildlife biologists and shark tourism experts have experience throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond, and can provide the best shark tourism management solutions for every situation. Shark Divers teams not only identify current and likely shark sites, but will show you how to build and market these sites via integrated web sites creating safe, and sustainable shark tourism from scratch.

Shark management plans are a valuable tool for managing local shark resources and avoiding conflict with other user groups. These plans help set short-term objectives and long-term goals for the type of shark diving operations you desire. Some of the information gathered for these plans includes population estimates of all local shark species, reef use analysis, assessment of the quality and quantity of habitat available, habitat manipulation recommendations, feeding needs, migration and breeding activity. These services will help you achieve government sanction for shark tourism activities.

Non Tourism Consulting

We also consult on a variety of green shark deterrent protocols for commercial and non-commercial applications worldwide. From cage and underwater communications systems to embedded, non-life threatening, shark deterrent systems designed to keep you safe from sharks in demanding ocean conditions.