Wildlife and Shark Consultation: Projects

Our most recent shark consulting projects:

2009 Shark Free Marinas Media Strategic Plannning

2009 South Pacific Sharks Task Force

2009 Hawaii Legislative Consulting Shark Tourism - Pro Bono

2009 Project Blue Offshore Shark Tourism

2009 Shark Tourism CA State Capitol Legislation

2009 NOAA Ocean Uses Atlas Project - Shark Tourism

2009 Northern Mariana Islands Shark Tourism

2008 Hawaii Offshore Wave Robotics

2008 Hawaii Shark Tourism and Research

2008 Bahamas Shark Tourism and Research

2007 Shark Free Marinas Initiative

2007 Mexico Sonic Shark Deterrent System

2006 Honduras Shark Tourism and Shark Research

The increasing global demand for safe shark encounters brings about a vital need to protect dwindling population of sharks in the wild. Shark Divers seeks to provide unique dive sites where sharks congregate and are protected for study and educating the public. These "Shark Parks" can be natural underwater or land-based sites.Shark Divers tourism consulting teams can review existing sites, or create new sites with existing shark populations. We also consult with NGO's, local governments, and tourism agencies providing shark tourism Position Papers and short video PSA's for shark tourism advocacy.

With minimal developmental assistance, and strict adherence to modern shark diving protocols, commercial shark diving is a viable bridge solution to the conservation of the species and the health of our oceans.

Underwater Site Development

lemon gulpFor hotels, resorts, and casinos, this concept delivers a completely unique shark experience with ease of travel and accommodation to divers and the film and television industry. Entire underwater themed shark sites – like sunken, underwater "Mayan cities" or "Atlantica" – can be created off shore with new reef technology and development. With the inclusion of reef and shark research, these thrilling encounters now becomes environmentally helpful and educational. These sites are the cutting edge of shark tourism and benefit sharks by using them as a renewable resource and re purposing local populations into treating their shark resource in a sustainable manner.

On-Shore Themed Shark Parks

shark cageIn response to the demands of the public, several commercial aquariums, like the massive Georgia Aquarium, now offer shark scuba diving encounters. These facilities were not designed for broad-based commercial shark encounters. The result is a hybrid shark encounter without the mainstream commercial appeal. This new trend paves the way for better-planned and larger land-based scuba and shark parks. Imagine the possibility of a hotel concept where divers from around the planet could discover several themed encounters from tropical reefs, to the Arctic and various shark species from around the planet – all in one place. These land based Shark Parks would be revenue generators for the protection of wild sharks worldwide.Using a few ambassador shark species in a manner that feeds directly into ongoing education and direct conservation is the future of these hybrid operations.

Small and Unique Shark Sites

lemon sharkNo matter how large or small, successful shark encounters need to be planned down to the last detail and guarantee safe animal encounters. These smaller local shark sites can be created as local economic tourism boosters. With full site protocols and site design, these next-generation shark sites will encourage multiple dive shops and live-aboard operation use. These anchor sites will go above and beyond what is currently offered within the shark diving industry and address the need for a larger base of divers to experience sharks – from the advanced diver to the novice.

Shark Divers has the concepts and the ideas to make your next shark tourism initiative a success. Call us today and let's create something amazing.