Film & Television: Shark Programming Ideas

Big ideas make for big productions even if the production you have in mind is small in scope. That's the main drive behind Shark Divers: we can help you from idea to light's-camera-action.

In the world of sharks there are many story lines yet untouched, many sites yet un filmed, and many Great White Sharkspecies yet to discover Shark Divers can take you there.Using the latest tracking and tagging data, we are learning more about these amazing animals on a day-to-day basis. What we are discovering opens volumes of new film and television programming and a new generation of thrills for the viewer. Shark Divers produces fully treated shark scripts, complete with on-screen talent contact lists and back-up site planning. We'll also act as your liaison with the shark research community sourcing new and upcoming screen talent and existing storytellers.

Here are a few story ideas and current trends within the shark community to get you started:

Welcome to "Oceania 2" New White Shark Site for 2011

Shark Divers CEO Patric Douglas unveiled the world’s newest white shark aggregation site exclusively for film and television productions today with the release of the first ever video of these animals.

“We have code-named the site ‘Oceania 2,’” says Douglas. “Its exact location will be kept a closely guarded secret until the first productions have captured the complete story here”.

A limited number of production companies will be introduced to the site in 2011 (January through April), in order to maintain the location's pristine, untamed nature, as well as for the benefit of the white sharks. Typically, divers are encountering up to 10 animals a day in 70-foot visibility. The site enjoys a potential for strong conservation and research storylines. "This site offers the finest traditions of exploration, research, and adventure,” explains Douglas. “The fact that it is almost 2011 and sites like these are being discovered is a testament to how little we know of the oceans and the unlimited possibilities still open to us."

“You only discover new sites like this once every 10 years," says Douglas.  "Expect to be blown away.”

Deepwater Denizens "The Shark Sub"

SubmarineJoin a specialized team of shark researchers and biologists on a voyage around the world as they introduce the audience to the fastest and most photogenic underwater submarine on the planet. Think F-16 meets Tin Tin Submarine. Built and ready to go, this submarine is the first of its kind and can follow even the most reticent animals. Once a tracking tag is placed on any animal – from the Whale Shark to the Greenland shark – this submarine and camera system can follow in real time.

Along the way there will be stunning equipment malfunctions, a mother whale will slam into the submarine protecting her calf, and spectacular undersea discoveries will have the audience growing weekly. Episodes feature the "Lost Battle Fleet from Iwo Jima", "Giant Squid Invasion", and "High Speed Shark Attack" a series of towed tuna targets filmed in real time as Mako's and White Sharks attack from behind flashing past the sub's commander and pilot eyeball to eyeball. This is television like no one has ever seen it.

Imagine landing this unique and telegenic submarine system on the deck of a sunken aircraft carrier at Bikini Atoll...surrounded by Tiger Sharks?