Film & Television: Shark Projects

Our most recent completed shark projects:

2009 White Sharks Guadalupe (Yagan Productions)

2009 White Sharks Guadalupe Series (Televisa Mexico)

2009 White Sharks Guadalupe Series (Univision Mexico)

2009 Modern Marvels Shark Tech (History Channel)

2009 Tiger Sharks Bahamas (SPIKE TV Series)

2009 White Sharks (Playboy Magazine/T.V)

2008 Sharks MTV (Nascent Pictures)

2008 Sharks of The Pacific (Emerging Entertainment)

2008 Mythbusters Shark Week (Beyond Productions)

2008 Ushuaïa Nature:Sharks (Yagan Productions)

2008 Island of the Great White Sharks (RTSea Productions)

2007 Animal Planet:Sharks (Production Consulting)

2007 Perfect Predators Shark Week (Tigress Productions)

2007 Discovery Channel Shark Week (Production Consulting)

2007 Salmon Sharks of Alaska (Shark Site Consultant)

Shark Divers brings a multi-faceted look to your next film and television project. We can do it all, from small scale "shark jumps" to new shark site development and background underwater site construction.


Shark Divers is serious about shark safety. Not only Tiger Bitefor the animals, but for the crews you will be employing. Unnecessary shark bites and fatalities can occur when operators risk safety protocols to push the envelope and the sharks push back. We bring to the table full shark site protocols, regardless of species, to ensure your safety when interacting with sharks.


Typically we request 4-6 weeks of planning for projects that require new site development. For example; Tiger Beach Bahamas has been shot extensively, but there are many alternate sites for shooting wild sharks that remain undiscovered with rich background and story lines here. To build these sites, advanced crews from Shark Divers will source, build, and set the table for your crew's arrival within budget and time frame. We will help you determine your ideal project site, or set realistic shark encounter expectations.

Luke Tipple shooting with the MythbustersKnowing the locations of the best shark sites is part of a successful shoot, but we also have the knowledge of the schedules of other film crews that will avoid overcrowding and shooting similar story lines at similar dive sites.

Some unique and equally stunning shark sites require site preparation in advance, but we can also take calls from last minute productions. If budgets are in place and production quality and safety is your foremost consideration, we can help you.