Our Vision: Sharks

Since the beginning of time man has been fascinated with sharks. Shark tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism models on the planet and is a $300 million dollar growth industry. For land based Great Whitesresorts and live aboard dive operations, the addition of safe shark encounters is a recipe for continued success. The Bahamas currently enjoys shark tourism revenues of close to US$70 million dollars a year and caters to a robust film and television market geared exclusively towards shark productions.

For wild animal productions, shows that feature sharks enjoy higher ratings with viewers. Discovery Channel's Shark Week is a prime example of this long lasting obsession with sharks. In 2008 29.1 million viewers tuned in to Shark Week programming.

Shark Divers is a one-stop-shop for film and television productions and shark tourism and unique undersea tourism development for land based resorts and live aboard dive operations. We can show you how to build, manage, and develop any dive site on earth branding "Safe and Sane Shark Tourism Development."

Shark Divers delivers shark safety in a cost effective environment with an eye towards production values that go light years beyond "the man on the sand with the bait crate."

This is our vision.

Our teams not only know sharks but also have extensive experience in marketing, film, television, and what the public is looking for. We have partnered with a unique group of research, television, marketing and tourism experts who can show you how to be successful with undersea development with our without sharks.

Lemon SharkAs a producer looking for the next great shark show concept you need a professional shark centric company to develop out your ideas. We can help.

As a resort developer, general manager, or live aboard dive operation, safe shark encounters can ensure your continued success and with our help, divers will seek you out from all corners of the globe. Our unqiue dive site developments, code named "Project Blue" wll change recreational diving forever.

This is our mission.